United Methodist Men

A well organized group of men who support the church in many ways. A huge amount of effort goes into maintaining the church. Support is provided to other missions in … Read more

Bell Choir

They call themselves “Good Vibrations” and they perform in the late morning service every 4th Sunday during September through May. If you have basic music knowledge consider joining us. Practices … Read more


There are a group of ushers for each service (early and late morning). Each group provides bulletins and greets the congregation as they arrive. It is a great way to … Read more

Tech Team

Provides technical support for audio, visual during early morning service and late morning service. Also provides support for the TUMC website.

Funeral Dinners

Volunteers from the congregation provide funeral dinners for members of the church or sometimes relatives of church members. The pastor offers this to the families when he meets with them. … Read more

Dorcas Quilters

The Quilt and needlecraft group provides quilting services to the community while also serving as a place for attendees to find fellowship and complete needlecraft projects. Those who have an … Read more

Coffee Fellowship

They are able to serve by preparing and setting out the coffee before the early morning service and between services. There are 4 teams that rotate.

Chancel Choir

Do you enjoying singing? Then join us at the 10:45 a.m. serve. No requirements. No auditions. Drop ins are welcome. Genres consist of choral, classic, spiritual, jazz, and gospel. The … Read more


Sending cards, making friendly phone calls, and visiting our friends and neighbors with a little special encouragement and care – Barnabas’s thoughtfulness can make a big difference.


Every year ABEL organizes a Big Band Concept for the Assisted Living Community in August and delivery of College Boxes in November. All age groups are welcome to help.